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3 Search Results Found For: "Phyllostachys"

  • Phyllostachys bissetii plantPhyllostachys bissetii

    One of the hardiest Phyllostachys, P. bissetii is a vigorous grower, and one of the first Phyllostachys to put up new shoots in the spring. A handsome, upright, medium sized species with shiny dark gr...
  • live bambooForest Bamboo

    While "running" bamboo tends to amble rather than run prodigiously in most parts of Canada, you can grow gorgeous Phyllostachys varieties into an attractive screen, hedge or micro forest. You can easi...
  • Bamboo plantsCold Hardy Bamboo

    A selection of clumping and running bamboo, chosen for their outstanding culm colours and hardiness in zones 4 and 5. Expect culms that are dark purple with vivid orange sheaths; delicate pale blue, w...